Canthidermis sufflamen

Triggerfish are easy to identify when whole -  their roundish, flat body, tough skin and tell-tale dorsal spines are rather unique. They can "trigger" these strong dorsal spines and lock them in place as a defensive technique - locking themselves into tight crevices for protection. 

Market Description: Triggerfish are delicious, with firm white flesh that is mild with a slightly sweet finish. The fillets cook quickly, making them great for sandwhiches, or pan frying and finishing with a squeeze of lemon - keep it simple and let the fresh flavor of locally caught triggerfish be the star of the dish! 

Habitat: These well managed fish are harvested from North Carolina to the Caribbean, along the Atlantic as well as the Gulf. 

Yield: 30%

Fishing Technique: hook & line, trawling





year round