Salmon, Verlasso

Salmon, Verlasso

If you’re looking for a year-round salmon option with a fantastic story that is focused on sustainability, then Verlasso is a great choice. Verlasso salmon was the first farmed salmon to be given a “good alternative” or yellow ranking from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. What makes Verlasso a sustainable option?

  • 1:1 Fish in, fish out ration thanks to innovative diet (including non-GMO feed)
  • No hormones or preventative antibiotics
  • No copper anti-foulants in nets/pens
  • No use of organophosphates
  • Strong preventative measures in place to prevent escapes
  • Additionally, if escapes occur, there are no wild salmon populations in the Patagonia region that would be impacted

All of this care results in a naturally delicious and memorable salmon that your customers will love. Our customers appreciate the behind-the-scenes efforts that result in a flavorful, firm fish that is as delicious raw as it is cooked.

  1. Carefully chosen farm sites
  2. Remote location = clean, cold water
  3. Consistent harvest and delivery

Chefs also appreciate the full flavor and rich, buttery texture of Verlasso salmon. Customers are looking for menu choices that are delicious and seasonal, but they also lean towards healthy options - salmon fits the bill.

Easy to work with, salmon takes to any technique, flavor profile, or pairing you can dream up. Grill, broil, roast, pan sear, saute, or fry. On a sandwich or in a salad. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Buy whole fish to fillet and portion and work the trimmings into burgers, tacos, soups, or spreads. Cure salmon in any creative way you can think of (click here for some inspiration), or serve it raw - sushi, sashimi, crudo. 


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