Loup de Mer

Loup de Mer

Dicentrarchus labrax

Other Names: Other Names: Bronzini, European Sea Bass

Range & Habitat: Its habitats include estuaries, lagoons, coastal waters and rivers. It is found in the waters in and around Europe, including the eastern Atlantic Ocean (from Norway to Senegal), the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

Identification & Biology:

Habitat: Responsibly farm raised in the Mediterranean

Flavor Profile: tender, delicate flesh, mild flavor

Buying Tips: This fish is most often sold whole. Whether you’re ordering whole fish or fillets, do enjoy the skin – it crisps up nicely and helps the somewhat delicate fillets hold together.

Recommended Preparation: Whether you stuff whole fish with fresh herbs and citrus, or quickly saute the fillets, this is an easy to work with option. 


year round