Dorade Royale

Dorade Royale
Dorade Royale

Sparus aurata

Other Names: Frank Bruni wrote in the New York Times, “Dorade is a fish with an even greater number of identities. The name I just used for it is French, and arguably the most commonly used one. But in Italian restaurants, it’s presented as orata; in Spanish restaurants, as dorado. And it’s sometimes just called sea bream.”

Whatever you call it, Dorade is a delicious, consistent option if you’re looking to put a whole fish on the menu. Tasty, tender, and responsibly farmed raised makes dorade a deliciously sustainable choice out of Europe.Range & Habitat: Dorade are responsibly farm raised, mostly in the Mediterranean.

Market Description: These small, somewhat rounded silver fish are harvested at the perfect size. We bring in 400/600 gram, 600/800 gram or 800/1000 gram. 

Recommended Preparation: Dorade is the perfect choice for whole fish preparations, but fillets are delighful as well - tender and tasty. Leave the skin on, it crisps up nicely! 


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