Black Sea Bass

Black Sea Bass
Black Sea Bass

Other Names: Blackfish, Rock bass, Chub

Identification & Biology: Black sea bass is a small fish related to the grouper. Varies in color from shades of brown to dark grey

Range & Habitat: Found from Cape Cod to Florida; most abundant from New York to North Carolina.

Market Description: One of the most important commercial bass species, the black sea bass has a firm, moderately fatty flesh with a delicate flavor. Sold whole, in steaks and fillets.

Habitat: East Coast US, Maine to Mexico

Flavor Profile: lean white flesh, small flake, delicate flavor

Yield: 37%

Fishing Technique: bottom trawl, pots/traps

Special Note: Will reproduce as male & female in life span

Suitable Sub: Small Grouper Variety

Buying Tips: Black sea bass is often confused with striped bass or blackfish. Black sea bass has a tender texture and delicate flavor. Uncooked flesh should be translucent white, cooked to opaque white with a firm texture. Be careful of sharp, dorsal spines when handling black sea bass.

Typically frozen when demand is low due to its long shelf life

Recommended Preparation: suitable for almost any method of preparation, commonly used whole, as filets with skin on. Very widely used in Chinese cooking.