Why Choose Inland Seafood?

Our philosophy is simple;

“Deliver quality products; on a clean truck; with a courteous driver - on time.”

 Chris Rosenberger, President

Living up to that for over 40 years has taken a lot of work, with help from a lot of exceptional people. Keeping our standards high means having everyone focused on excellence . . . all the time. Our passion is our compass throughout the day. We believe that our commitment to quality products, impeccable service, and community involvement is evidence of that dedication. We are proud to have embraced a business approach incorporating environmental, economic and social considerations in our efforts to create long-term, sustainable value. Sustainability isn’t just about “green” practices. It’s about being poised to move into the future as a responsible and successful company here to help our customers grow. It’s a challenge we’ve met throughout our history and we will continue to meet with hard work, talent, creativity, and sensitivity.

Inland Seafood is committed to providing our customers a consistent supply of seafood that is transparent, traceable, sourced from well-managed fisheries, and is responsibly produced and harvested. 

Knowing where our seafood comes from and how it was harvested is a priority at Inland. Traceability of all our products allows our customers to make informed decisions about what they are purchasing. To meet a wide range of definitions for sustainability we offer seafood options that include locally and regionally sourced products and third-party certified options (inlcuding the MSC). 

We are engaged with the international seafood world through FIP's and other projects. We're also focused on innovative internal practices that minimize our impact on the environment.  

We maintain connections with local, state, and federal governments to stay involved with issues that impact our business and the communities that we work in.

Ongoing education and outreach are key and Inland is dedicated to understanding the issues, news and developments that impact the sustainable seafood community. 

Inland was built on servicing one restaurant and one grocery store at a time, and with our growth, we have not forgotten to focus on each customer individually. Everyone at Inland Seafood views our customers as partners.