Local, Regional, and Beyond

Inland has always worked to support local fishermen, and we're proud of the reputaion we've built over the years. Whether we're bringing in fresh wild shrimp from North Carolina, grouper from the Gulf, or regionally rasied clams and oysters, you can be sure you're getting the best from regional fishermen, farmers, and other producers. 

There are many reasons to buy as close to home as possible. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Buying local stimulates the local economy and creates more jobs in your community 

  2. Local food doesn't have as far to travel to market which reduces its carbon footprint

  3. Less food waste thanks to a shorter distribution chain

  4. A great way to grow your customer base - diners and shoppers love to support local - whether they are long-time regulars or visiting tourists

  5. Sourcing locally creates more vibrant communities by bringing people together around food

Our selection of local seafood changes often - check in with your Inland Seafood rep for our current offerings. 


Inland is a partner of the South Carolina Aquarium’s Good Catch program which generates awareness and leads communities in support of local fisheries and consumption of responsibly harvested seafood

For the purposes of the Good Catch program, local is defined as “any type of seafood sourced from southeast regional fisheries, which range from North Carolina to the east coast of Florida.”

We agree with Good Catch’s assessment that “these fisheries adhere to some of the strongest regulations worldwide, which take into consideration the long-term viability of each species and the ocean’s ecological balance as a whole. They ensure each species that they harvest and sell is harvested at the correct age, in the correct quantity and during the correct season.”

Learn more about Good Catch at their website.