Education and Outreach

We believe ongoing education is an important part of a robust sustainability program and we put a high priority on continual education of ourselves, our staff, our customers, and our suppliers.

We attend annual events and meetings to keep up with current sustainabilty issues.  

  • Seafood Expo North America
  • Sustainable Seafood Partnerships' Target 75 conference
  • The European Seafood Exposition
  • SeaWeb's Sustainable Seafood Summit

... and others.

We keep our sales team updated on issues impacting seafood sustainability through internal education, in-house presentations, and field trips, along with sharing sustainability news on our blog.

If you or your staff is interested in a short  but informative training session on seafood and sustainability, contact our Director of Sustainability Mary Smith ( to set up a session. We're also avaialble to help you make menu choices or communicate ideas of sustainability to your customers via your website, social media, or events.