We don’t talk about wild Atlantic salmon here very often (if ever) since there is no commercial harvest of this fish, but we did want to share this good news (and cross our fingers) that maybe someday there will be!

NOAA announced recently that the Penobscot River salmon run had “surged” for the second straight year! We have to take this number with a grain of salt – it doesn’t sound huge – but any improvement is a reason to celebrate!

Click here to read the full story from NOAA.

Inland offers a wide variety of wild Pacific salmon options, along with a full range of farmed Atlantic salmon – although as you know the pandemic means our inventory may be shifting more radically than usual. Keeping a consistent flow of fresh fish on hand is a tough job without the added strain from the Coronavirus which continues to impact communities around the world in different ways. Stay in touch with your sales rep to make sure you’re up to date on our best bets in wild and farmed fish and shellfish.