What's better than a burger? A Brasstown Beef Burger! That's right, we're offering a nice selection of Brasstown Beef Burgers ready for your menu. There's no easier way to offer your customers a high quality burger with a great story!

If you're not familiar with Brasstown Beef, let us quickly introduce you to this pasture centered, award winning beef! Rasied on a family farm in Brasstown, NC, this beef has a consistency in flavor and tenderness that's the delicoius result ofhumane treatment in a sustainable environment, 

  • All natural
  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics

The Whitmire family has been farming the hill country of North Carolina since the late 1700’s. Their family farmhas worked for decades to ensure that they are providing the highest quality beef at a great value. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time! 

Your timing couldn't be better. According to this article from Food News Feed, it's a great time to feature meat on your menu:

"Red meat consumption has fluctuated greatly during the past 20 years thanks to the rise of plant-forward eating and protein alternatives. However, 2018 saw a resurgence of beef and pork offerings on restaurant menus, as well as the highest rate of red meat consumption nationwide since 2004. Consumers are no longer limiting these foods in their diets based on misconceptions around nutrition, but instead are making choices related to the way in which food animals are raised."

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