Inland’s Director of Sustainability, Mary Smith, is moderating two compelling panels at this year’s Seafood Expo North America. If your attending this year's event, be sure to mark your calender!

Swipe Right – What it Means to Know your Fisherman in 2020  

Session Date: Mar 16 2020 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm

Storytelling sells, and there’s no better way to sell seafood than to share the story of who caught it or raised it. Although this isn’t a new idea, there are emerging trends in just how fishermen and farmers are connecting with customers. This diverse and innovative panel will feature success stories from the Southeast to illustrate what the modern consumer is looking for when it comes to sourcing seafood. We’ll also examine situations where it’s harder to win over consumers; for instance, when you compete against a readily available, less expensive, non-local product.


  • Bill Walton - Associate Professor & Extension Specialist - AU Shellfish Lab
  • Caitlyn Mayer - Owner and Business Manager - Charleston Oyster Farm
  • Laura Peet - Postelsia/Smart Catch sustainability director
  • Scott Simpson, Executive Chef - The Depot, Auburn, GA 


From Scales to Sales – Turning Fish Waste into Profit

Session Date: Mar 17 2020 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

If your job places you at the intersection of sustainability and business, you’re constantly tasked with the difficult challenge of showing ROI for the work you do. Nowhere is it easier to impact the bottom line and tell a measurable sustainability success story that by reducing seafood waste. This panel will focus on a wide range of projects that have worked to keep fish and shellfish out of the trash. That’s work that is good for the planet and good for the bottom line.


  • Steve Finn - VP of Food Waste Prevention - Leanpath
  • John Hanselman - Chairman and CEO - Vanguard Renewables
  • Michael Nelson - Executive Chef - GW Fins Restaurant
  • Keith Singleton - President - Alaskan Leader Seafoods - Value Added Division