We all know that farm raised fish and shellfish have many benefits. Some of our favorites are the consistency of supply – that helps us keep inventory moving and prices stable. Careful handling means farmed seafood is always top-notch quality and sizing is also consistent. You know what to expect! That’s a good thing.

Farmed seafood can also make more seafood accessible to all people at a variety of budgets. We recognize the health benefits of seafood can feel out of reach to some – but farmed fish can be a great value – and is often full of all the same nutrients as wild fish.

Here’s another reason to love aquaculture – in some cases the farms themselves can help improve the surrounding environment. The idea of “restorative aquaculture” isn’t new, but current research shows just how important it can be in a changing global climate.

Here’s a great story from The Fish Site:


We have a wonderful selection of responsibly farmed seafood available every day – ask your sales rep for more ideas next time you call!