If you made some New Year’s Resolutions here’s hoping you stick to them! If you didn’t - here’s a suggestion - focus on reducing food waste in your kitchen this year. Reducing food waste continues to be a hot topic in the food industry. It’s a key component of our business; working through inventory, upcoming orders, rotation - it's all part of our daily, if not hourly discussions!  We hope you have a focus on reducing food waste in your own establishment. 

The James Beard House has an initiative called Waste Not (read more here: https://www.jamesbeard.org/blog/announcing-our-waste-not-initiative)  a multi-year campaign designed to encourage culinary professionals and home cooks to reduce food waste by thinking differently about food and adopting full-use cooking methods. The campaign will urge Americans to start with small changes just one day a week—on Waste Not Wednesday. We're joining in the fun on our Instagram feed (#wastenotwednesday) and hope you will too. 

This week - a reminder that ordering whole fish, with a plan to utlize every part, is a great way to work with us to reduce food waste. Cut portions for entrees, utilize smaller pieces of fish for appetizers, soups and salads, and work the remaining trimmings, bones, heads, into soups and stocks. 

Other sustainability highlights from this week's inventory include Domestic Mahi from the Gulf of Mexico - what a treat! Striped bass and black bass, and east coast halibut, and the rock shrimp are also standouts. 

If you're a UGA fan and the loss to Texas has you feeling blue - don't despair, order some UGA produced caviar and let that holiday momentum carry you into a fantastic new year.