Okay, we stole that headline straight from this story by Jade Silverstein for the Global Aquaculture Alliance, but we just couldn't write a better one!

RAS or recirculating aquaculture systems are slowing gaining a foothold in the US despite difficulties. This quote from Steve Summerfelt, chief science officer at Superior Fresh:

“I don’t think that our domestic industry can continue with business as usual. Fish farm expansion in the United States continues to be challenged by lower-priced imports and constrained by competition for limiting water sources and farm sites, plus a strict regulatory framework.”

It's hard out there for a fish farmer.

We do, however, have several fantastic domestic aquaculture options in our inventory including domestic catfish and rainbow trout along with an amazing collection of farmed shellfish

Adding responsibly raised seafood to your menu or specials sheet helps promote a strong domestic aquaculture industry – thanks for making an investment in a healthy future for our fish and shellfish farmers. Nobody does it better!