The LA Times just ran a story we think you should read introducing what could be the first open-ocean fish farm in federal waters. According to the Times story, the proposed farm “would be about four miles offshore of San Diego and would generate 5,000 metric tons of sushi-grade yellowfish each year — enough for 11 million servings of the popular seafood.”

Here’s a bit more detail (or read the full story by clicking here )

The operation would produce sushi-grade yellowtail aimed at domestic markets, officials said. There’s some taste variation between wild-caught and farmed yellowtail, but it’s really a matter of preference than quality, said Davie Rudie, president of Catalina Offshore Products, a San Diego seafood distributor. Farmed fish typically has higher fat content, which may be preferable for some dishes, but less desirable for others, he said. Chefs are familiar with those differences, through farmed fish sources from other countries, Rudie said.

 “The market already understands the difference in wild and farmed fish,” he said. “They’re apples and oranges in terms of taste and texture. They’re different.”

We’re excited to see where this project goes!