If you're looking for everyday sustainability, farmed seafood can be a great direction to go. Reliable, affordable, and consistent - we we have a great selection available. All-American favorites like catfish and rainbow trout, responsibly produced European sea bass, and versatile & affordable tilapia coming up from Central America.  And of course, oysters, mussels, clams and other shellfish options.

We just keep getting better at aquaculture - innovative feed production, technology to monitor and reduce negative outputs, better understanding of animal health, and improved working conditions around the world.  As seafood consumption continues to grow, so does aquaculture - which is why in the US it's the fastest growing agriculture sector. 

Here’s another way responsible agriculture can help save the planet - sustainable mushroom cultivation! Every time you sell a mushroom you’re part of a movement that’s helping reduce the flow of lingocelluloisc biomass to the landfill. Data shows that over 70% of the agricultural and forest crop biomass that’s produced is discarded.If that seems like a lot, consider these two examples:

Cane sugar only represents 17% of the weight of the biomass of the plant, while the remaining 83% is discarded

Even worse?

Extracted coconut oil represents only 5% of the total biomass generated by palm coconut plantations the remaining 95% is waste

Imagine billions of tons of sugar cane, coconut shells, spent coffee grounds, spent grain from breweries, cotton seed hulls burned, buried, and dumped into landfills all around the world. 

All this waste (a.k.a. lignocellulosic biomass) provides a perfect raw substrate for cultivation of both edible and medicinal mushrooms! The more mushrooms we sell and eat, the more of that usable waste we can divert from the landfills and incinerators of the world. Plus, they are good for your health, delicious, and versatile! Check in with your Inland rep to learn what's on our mushroom list today.