We’re big fans of mushrooms here at Inland – we’ve built a fine selection of suppliers over the years and work to bring you the best seasonally sourced wild and cultivated mushrooms from around the world.

Mushrooms are such a low-impact addition to any menu. Especially with the current vegetable forward trends that we’re seeing in our industry. Sure, mushrooms can be the centerpiece of any meatless meal – they have great texture, flavor, and will satisfy vegans, vegetarians, and any diner looking to swap out meat for a meal. But they can also enhance any entrée featuring meat or seafood.

What about a blend of meat & mushrooms? That’s what the James Beard Foundation was promoting with its 2018 Blended Burger contest. Lots of mouthwatering winners including The Fox Chapel Burger from Burgh'ers Restaurant in Pittsburgh which featured a 75/25 blend of local grassfed beef and local roasted mixed mushrooms topped with goat cheese, pickled red onions, avocado, spring mix, and balsamic glaze. 

We’ve got Brasstown Beef + mushrooms galore if you want to try your own version!

Another great reason to add versatile fungi to your menu? Sustainability! Mushrooms are like the mussels of the land… easy to farm, low or zero impact, easy to prepare, and good for your health.

You may be surprised by just how nutritious mushrooms are! A recent study published by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease showed that study participants who ate more than two five-ounce portions of mushrooms a week had a 43% reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment than those who consumed less.

Check in with your friends at Inland and see what’s new in our mushroom selection!