Inland Seafood is honored to announce that we’ve been named to the SeafoodSource Top 25: Seafood Sustainability & Conservation!


To compile this year’s list, the SeafoodSource editorial team conducted an extensive nomination and analysis process involving the consultation of a panel of outside experts renowned in the seafood sustainability community. In tandem with the panelists’ recommendations, they also accounted for leadership, industry accolades and recognition, pioneering initiatives, partnerships, and industry engagement.

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We thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your source for seafood.

As SeafoodSource Editor Madelyn Kearns noted “there is more work to be done to ensure healthy oceans, people, and planet. Each of the suppliers listed here is by no means finished with this work. They have all struggled with their sustainability journeys at one time or another, and will most likely continue to do so as new challenges arise. But it’s a fight all seem willing to meet.”  We’re looking forward to continuing this journey with you!