Did you know that there are 5 species of wild salmon harvested commercially in Alaska? If you’re looking for a fun and easy way you (and your staff) can remember them all, we love this little game:

  1. First up: Chum! It rhymes with thumb.  Chum are called keta salmon – and they are one of our favorites. Delicious, versatile, and always a great value.  
  2. Since you could “sock someone’s eye” out with your pointer finger that one is sockeye, also known as red salmon.
  3. Your largest finger is the king! It stands for king salmon, also known as chinook.
  4. Your ring finger reminds you of a shiny silver ring for the silver salmon, often called coho.
  5. Pinkie = pink salmon. That one’s easy! Pink salmon are also called humpies.

Throughout the coming summer months we’ll have most of these species available at different times – why not order them all?

To learn more, visit the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.