It’s been a busy week in out Atlanta HQ getting customers ready for The Big Game! We’re looking forward to the weekend, and thinking ahead about Valentine’s Day, Lent, and beyond. As we officially kick off February, a few notes from our inventory as we head into the weekend:

We bring in a stellar selection of fresh fish and shellfish from regional fishermen – it’s an ever-changing list of delights – domestic groupers, snappers, stone crab claws, jacks, mackerel, permit, pompano, butterfish, and more. Make sure your Inland rep knows you’re interested in these types of local options and they’ll keep you in the know.  

Remember that Inland is your source for Prosciutto di Parma! True Prosciutto di Parma is 100% natural and made from only four ingredients - specialty bred Italian pork, sea salt, air, and time.  What’s missing? Preservatives, additives, nitrites, nitrates, water or smoking. Ask for the real deal by name!

We’re seeing a lot of great marketing out there for some of the branded seafood products we carry (some of which are exclusively available from Inland). Take advantage of promotions for Verlasso Salmon and Open Blue Cobia – these companies do a great job of building name recognition for you.

It’s time to start talking with your rep about Valentine’s Week and Weekend specials! We have a lot of great classic offerings like lobster tails, large shrimp, crabmeat, oysters, and plenty of luxury meat items as well – ask about Brasstown Beef or other celebratory items like lamb chops and wild game.

We have a great deal now through Valentine’s Day on Inland Brand White Shrimp, (peeled and deveined, IQF, raw packed 5 x 2 lb/cs). Perfect for the big night, or just stock up for a February special!  Order now to take advantage of special pricing.

And while you have your rep on the phone this week, starting talking Lent! Everyone eats more fish during Lent, especially on Fridays. Plan ahead to make sure your customers have plenty of options to choose from. Lent begins on Wednesday, March 6 (Mardi Gras) and ends on Thursday April 18.  We can help with Easter Sunday options too - we love brunch!