We love fish tacos. Who doesn’t? If you’re looking for some taco inspiration this summer – we’re recommending you try a few iconic Alaska species that are in season right now!

Wild Alaska halibut is perfect for fish tacos – whether you go with a traditional approach like this classic Ensenada Fish Taco from Rick Bayless https://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/classic-ensenada-fish-tacos/

Serve them up family style! Everyone will love sharing a delicious platter of halibut tacos. Here’s some inspiration from the James Beard House for a family-Style Taco Platter featuring Tempura Halibut with Cabbage, Jalapeño Crema, and Tomatillo Pico de Gallo by NYC Chef Michael Armstrong of Bodega Negra.


Wild Salmon from Alaska is also a great option for fish tacos. We recommend buying H & G fish from us, or fillets, and then cutting your own portions. That way, you can control yield and end up with tasty tidbits perfect for tacos! Wild Alaska salmon trim cooks up quick and makes a tasty taco filling – turn #tacotuesday into #wastenotwednesday

Customers recognize that seafood from Alaska is healthy, delicious, and responsibly harvested from sustainable stocks – make the most of that recognition!