Have you checked out our UGA Farmed Sturgeon Caviar? We encourage you to add this unqiue delicacy to your menu - not just because its delicious and sustainable, but because it helps support research and education that will benefit our domestic aquaculture industry as a whole - and that's a good thing. 

Wild sturgeon populations around the world have long been in peril. Impacted by overharvesting, habitat loss, political and economic turmoil – these unique fish have struggled to hold on. Which is why it’s exciting to see continued investment not only in the actual production of farmed caviar, but in the research and education it takes to grow and sustain the industry. 

It can be a real challenge to get private capital to fund a caviar farm – there is a long wait between investment and potential pay off. It takes sturgeon a long time to reach reproductvie maturity (which is why even moderate fishing pressure can have a big impact on wild populations). Farmers may have difficulty finding funders who are willing to wait 7, 8 years for a possible pay day. That’s what makes the UGA program so great – they have the latitude to take a different approach from a traditional business, and the research they do will help economically sustain sturgeon farms around the world while we work to protect remaining wild stocks.

Plus, it'a perfect seasonal menu addition for customers celebrating this holiday season!