If you’re looking to pick up an oyster with a unique story - check in with your Inland Sales Rep about Eastham Oysters. We’re sourcing these oysters through Blue Cord — a company founded by Alexander Cestaro, a US Army veteran, who served several tours in Afghanistan.

Cestaro started Blue Cord to supply high quality seafood while working to support and employ other veterans. As he says ”…I’m a veteran so why wouldn't I want to see more American Veterans fishing American waters along side American Fisherman?” Some days being out on the water takes some of the same mental determination and personal accountability as a military-style operation. I need the best people to harvest the best seafood!"

Cestaro believes the combination of supporting veterans and sourcing high quality seafood are a perfect match. The quality and the consistency of the Eastham oysters we’re bringing are a prime example of his dedication. Order a bag today and support this worthwhile effort. 

Learn more at the Blue Cord website: www.bluecordseafood.com

(Image courtesy of Blue Cord)