Blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) were introduced to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay region in the 70’s and now pose a considerable threat to the health of the Bay’s natural ecosystems. Blue catfish are highly adaptable, eat pretty much anything (including blue crabs and other fish) and despite our efforts to control them, they are negatively impacting native species and the watermen that depend on the bay. 

A commercial fishery for wild blue catfish has captured the public’s attention (much like lionfish) and chefs and retailers are finding ways they can help reverse the damage this fish is doing in the Bay while also offering a delicious and affordable seafood option. 

Seafood Watch gives wild blue catfish from the Chesapeake Bay a GREEN or Best Choice ranking - so it’s perfect for customers looking to showcase a sustainable species on their menu. We bring in fresh blue catfish regularily and highly recommend it as an easy way to support efforts to restore balance to the Chesapeake Bay!