Sushi on a kid’s menu? Might seem a little surprising, but the truth is kids’ palates are becoming more sophisticated every year. Offering them some unique options is a great way to build customer loyalty (and happy families).

According to a recent story on “…many restaurants have found success by not relying only on the old standbys of mac ’n’ cheese and noodles with butter, instead trusting children to be excited to explore new cuisines and dishes.”

We think some well-thought out seafood options are a great idea for the younger set. Shrimp is fun to eat – especially with some tasty dipping sauces. Try out some more mild flavored fish options like tilapia, fluke, or cod. Finger foods are always fun – how about some house made fish sticks?

The article showcased three trends:

All Things Japan: For kids open to international cuisine, many restaurants like JINYA Ramen Bar are finding success with Japanese offerings like Karaage-style fried chicken and French fries made with Japanese sweet potatoes.

Dishes Deliciosos: Increasingly exciting Mexican-inspired items for a younger crowd are being explored such as sopa de abuela, kiddie cubanos on a mini telera roll, and nojitos.

More than Mac ‘n’ Cheese: The whole, healthy foods that are trending for adults are trending for kids’ menus, too, like with Tupelo Honey’s house-made black bean burger served on a whole wheat bun and farm-fresh vegetable plate.

Don’t forget we also have plenty of non-seafood options that can find a home on your kids’ menu. Tenders from Springer Mountain Farms chicken, ground beef for mini-burgers, kid-sized lamb chops, and more. Check in with your Inland Sales Rep for more ideas.

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