Close your eyes and picture yourself in Alaska. What do you see? If you’ve traveled to this great state then you may have memories of emerald green islands surrounded by a crashing ocean waves. You may see a humpback whale breaching. Maybe you’re picturing the mighty Denali (the highest peak in North America), or an endless view of trees from the window of a small bush plane…

One thing all these visions have in common is wilderness. The state of Alaska is still a wild and untamed place, free from much of the development that we have in the lower 48.

It can be hard to picture just how big Alaska is. The Alaskan coastline extends for more than 6,600 miles — more than of all the other states' coastlines combined. 

Big, wild, and the source of some of the most sustainably harvested seafood on the planet! Seafood from Alaska is harvested from pristine waters - the result of all that wilderness. When you buy and serve wild Alaska seafood you’re part of preserving that wilderness for future generations.

Check in with your Inland sales rep on what our current Alaska seafood options include (fresh and frozen).